Treatment Strategy

Who can benefit from Moye Physical Therapy the most?

Anyone whose quality of life has been decreased due to:

  • Muscle, tendon, or joint pain that is effected by movement or position
  • Reduced ability to perform a desired activity due to inadequate strength, range of motion, coordination or balance.

How can Moye Physical Therapy help?

Moye Physical Therapy integrates manual therapy, goal specific exercise, and education to improve posture, function, and movement quality.

How Impaired Posture Causes Pain and Injury

Center of body mass balanced over base of support results in the least amount of strain

The body is under increasing strain, the further the body mass deviates from the base of support

How Impaired Movement Causes Pain and Injury

Poorly distributed motion within joints or tissues results in areas of excessive motion, strain, and pain.

How We Help