Manual Therapy

The Science and Art of Manual Therapy


Human motion is most efficient when it is distributed properly throughout the musculoskeletal system. Localized mobility restrictions within muscles, ligaments, tendons and fascia hinder the system’s ability to distribute motion. This results in excessive motion and strain within tissues neighboring the restriction. Manual therapy techniques are utilized to improve mobility within a specific section of restricted tissue while minimizing strain on neighboring tissues. The ability to selectively apply stretch to very small regions of tissue is generally not attainable with exercise, making manual therapy a unique and extremely valuable tool when treating musculoskeletal pain. Our therapists each have advanced training in the field of manual therapy. The effectiveness of manual therapy is dependent on the practitioner’s skill at identifying the tissue restriction and applying the appropriate technique. Although the art of manual therapy is mastered over a lifetime, Moye Physical Therapy offers this treatment with the most training and experience in Desoto County.