About Us


Jeff Moye, MSPT, MOMT opened Olive Branch Physical Therapy in 1998. In 2009 the practice moved to central Desoto County to better serve patients living in Southaven, Hernando, and Horn Lake. This move was also accompanied with a name change to Moye Physical Therapy.

From the onset, our goal has been to surpass our patient’s expectations. In the modern healthcare system, complaints are common among patients about insufficient one on one time spent with their therapist. This complaint will never occur at Moye Physical Therapy. All patients receive one on one treatment during their entire appointment.

Our patients receive a complete biomechanical assessment. We understand that sometimes injured regions are not the primary culprits of the patient’s complaints but the victims of a mechanical problem originating elsewhere within the body. We realize that the whole person must be treated, not just the injury.

The skillful application of manual therapy by a residency trained manual therapist along with a customized exercise program are the primary treatments for the correction of mechanical problems within the body.

Prevention is a vital component of our overall treatment strategy. Exercise habits, ergonomics and body mechanics are assessed followed by appropriate recommendations and training. Our goal is to not only relieve pain and disability but to equip our patients so they may prevent recurrances in the future.