Foot Rehabilitation

We can help many patients with foot and ankle pain when others have failed.

Our effect is different because our approach is different. We help people with foot and ankle pain in three ways. We increase the physical capacity of the foot, lower the demands placed on it by the body, and lower the demands placed on it by the ground.

A foot will have a greater physical capacity to take on the demands of daily living if it has a good posture along with good strength, flexibility and stability. We thoroughly examine these qualities of the patient’s foot. When deficiencies are present, we have many treatment options to address them including orthotics, manual therapy, and exercise.

Reducing the demands placed on the foot starts with a complete biomechanical assessment of the entire locomotor system. Poor posture and movement patterns occurring in the spine and lower extremities will unfavorably effect the loads placed on the foot.

We are able to help patients assume more efficient body postures and movement patterns through education, training, corrective exercises, and ergonomic modification.

We can further reduce the demands on the foot by altering the ground reaction forces. This may be achieved with the use of an orthotic and by assisting the patient in choosing the proper footwear.